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Meet Avonaise

Soft, smooth, creamy and delicious on the inside, and perfectly prime and gorgeously green on the outside, Avo’s got a bit of a superiority complex, but who can blame her? Her stuff is good. She knows it; sometimes flaunts it, but she’s also generous, always ready to share her goodness with the world. Pop the lid on Avo for days. It’s creamy dreamy Avonaise™.

Introducing our Avonaise's fiery buddy – Sriracha! Creamy avocado mayo with a spicy twist. Smooth, dreamy, and packing a punch of zesty heat. It's the perfect partner for dipping, spreading, or jazzing up any dish. Elevate your flavors with this creamy, spicy delight!


Picked and bottled at its prime, Avonaise brings the celebrated avocado fruit with its delicate temperament (is it ripe yet? almost ripe? too late now) to the mayo jar — capturing all of the goodness and none of the guesswork in our smooth lineup of avocado-based mayos.

Creamy Dreamy Avonaise

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Avocado Mayo Redefined with Real Pulp Perfection

Savor the rich, authentic flavor of our avocado mayo, meticulously crafted with real avocado pulp for a creamy texture that surpasses the ordinary. Elevate your culinary creations with the pure essence of avocado, delivering a delightful experience with every dollop.

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